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ColorFabb NEW _XT formula and WoodFill FINE now available at Voxel Factory!

You need stronger material than PLA but you don't like to work with ABS? ColorFabb _XT new formula is for you. Better bridging than before, almost no odour and less warping than ABS! Easier to extrude at 260c but also print at 240c with J-Head at slower speed ( Approx 30mm/s is a good start). Woodfill FINE also available in 1.75mm and 3mm on 750gr. spool :-)

Voxel Factory - Black Friday

*** Buy 5 ColorFabb 1.75mm spools and get 1 ColorFabb_XT spool 1.75mm for FREE!!! ***

A $39.95 VALUE - Use discount code BLACKFRIDAY

Offer is available for each order from 11-29-2013 00:00 to 11-29-2013 23:59
You won't see the free spool on the shopping cart DO NOT WORRY :-)

Expect a "3MM CYBER MONDAY" (may differ from this offer)

ColorFabb 1.75mm PLA / PHA filament on spool

ColorFabb spools

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