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SLS | Sinterit 3D printers @ Voxel Factory

Why SLS?


Why Sinterit?

Sinterit was the first company to bring SLS to desktop size and price. With 2 different 3D printers, 4 materials and more on the way, as well as the ability to unlock advanced settings, the Lisa and Lisa PRO 3D printers are definitely your entry point in the SLS world. The Lisa PRO nitrogen chamber makes it the ultimate SLS solution for universities and research centers.

Why Voxel Factory?

Voxel Factory is a Sinterit CERTIFIED SERVICE & SUPPORT PARTNER. Get a FREE 6-hours hands-on workshop in Vancouver, Montreal or online with any Sinterit 3D printer purchased at Voxel Factory. Sinterit being our favourite SLS 3D printing solution, all Sinterit 3D printersmaterials and parts will be stocked and ready to ship or pickup at any time. 

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Sinterit 3D printers

Sinterit Lisa & Lisa PRO complete systems

Lisa is the first and leading desktop-size selective laser sintering 3D printer. For three years on the market, it has gained the reputation of being the only desktop SLS, able to print complex and precise prints with the same quality as big and expensive SLS machines. It is not only easy-to-use but also extremely affordable as for the SLS technology printer.

Lisa PRO is 10cm higher. The unlocked advanced settings and the nitrogen chamber makes it a true open materials SLS 3D printing solution.

The complete Sinterit SLS solution

Sinterit Lisa system now in stock and now Lisa PRO!

Sinterit Materials

Sinterit nylon & flexible powder

The Sinterit Lisa can already print with Nylon 12, Flexa Black & Flexa Grey. Thanks to the Lisa PRO nitrogen chamber and it's open settings, you will be able to print Nylon 11 and experiment with a vast number of materials.

Some of the Sinterit SLS powder

Voxel Factory has right now our  first shipment of Sinterit powder and will carry them all, shipping inside Canada from Vancouver and Montreal.

Sinterit parts

Sinterit parts & tools

We are still working on adding all Sinterit parts and tools to our systems. Note that any complete Lisa and Lisa PRO system comes with all needed replacement parts & tools

Some of the upcoming Sinterit parts that will be stocked at Voxel Factory

Service & support

Sinterit slicing software

Thanks to a dedicated desktop application you can prepare 3D models, set them in the printable area, check all the collisions and track print status most comfortably and intuitively.

More to come about Sinterit studio in the upcoming weeks.

Service & support

Service and support

Sinterit 3D printers are covered by a 12-month warranty on parts and labour.

A Voxel Factory certified technician will take care of warranty repair and maintenance.

SLS 3D printing service

SLS 3D printing services available at Voxel Factory

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