3DPrinterOS Premium license

3D Printer OS Premium License
Product Description

The 3DPrinterOS Premium license unleashes the full power of the cloud! Includes access to premium applications, HD streaming of prints, API access for building your own marketplace and unlimited private storage for your files and projects.

  • Create your own 3d marketplace with direct print API
  • Unlimited private storage for files and projects
  • Premium applications, including Virtual Factory, Simplify, Prototype and Obfuscator
  • HD streaming of prints from any web-enabled device makes monitoring jobs a breeze
  • Automatically receive timelapse videos for completed prints
  • Slicing for all supported printer types and view files of any size in seconds not minutes
  • Edit and analyze designs with powerful visualization tools including layer by layer view of gcodes
  • Complete print history, so you manage multiple files and reprint favorites with the click of a button
  • Share printers and files between users with ease
  • Access and control of 3D Printers and job queues from anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • Live support
  • Compatible with most popular FFF 3D printers available on the market
  • Supports Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Linux
  • Works with existing 3D printer firmware
  • Powered by Amazon AWS
  • Cloud Slicing of +100Mb files

Premium Apps

  • Virtual Factory
  • Simplify
  • Prototype
  • Obfuscator

Regular Apps

  • STL Editor
  • Resizer
  • NetFabb (STL Repair)
  • Cloud Slicer
  • Magic Fix (For your specific printer)
  • Sculpteo
  • Leopoly
  • Share File
  • Facebook Sketchfabb
  • Twitter SketchFabb