ColorFabb BronzeFill 2.85mm PLA/PHA + Bronze

ColorFabb BronzeFill 2.85mm PLA/PHA + Bronze
Product Description

ColorFabb Bronzefill 

3D printing with metal on your own desktop 3D printer! This amazing, one of a kind filament will allow you to print with actual bronze at home! Freshly printed parts have a matte finish which resembles a laser print quality.

With a bit of sanding and polishing, the bronze particles will start to shine and shimmer unlike any other 3D printing filament you have ever seen before. The weight of the material is something special, about 3 times heavier than our regular PLA/PHA.

Now you can make jewelry that won’t feel like cheap lightweight plastic parts.

Material: Bronzefill
Product vendor: ColorFabb
Color: Bronze
Effective Diameter: 2.85 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Quantity: 750 gr.
Density: 3.9 g·cm-3

Print temp: 195°C - 220°C
Nozzle: any size
Print speed: 40mm/s to 100mm/s
Retraction: Check your printer documentation!
Hot print bed: 50°C - 60°C
Cold print bed: Yes, stick to Kapton Tape, 3M #2090 Blue Painter's tape, Heated glass, etc.
Post processing: -

How to print with Bronzefill