ColorFabb Woodfill Fine 1.75mm PLA-Woodfibres

ColorFabb Woodfill Fine 1.75mm PLA-Woodfibres
Product Description

ColorFabb Bamboofill

If you’re looking for something special in your filament portfolio then consider our woodFill filament. About 70% colorfabb PLA and 30% recycled woodfibres. Your prints will look absolutely amazing and your 3d printer cave will smell like a woodshop! Check out for a tutorial and slicer profiles on how to print with woodFill.

*** Avoid keeping your hotend hot without extruding ***


Material: Woodfill
Product vendor: ColorFabb
Color: Wood (Light Brown)
Effective Diameter: 1.75 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Quantity: 600 gr.
Density: x.yy g·cm-3

Print temp: 195°C - 220°C
Nozzle: any size
Print speed: 40mm/s to 100mm/s
Retraction: Check your printer documentation!
Hot print bed: 50°C - 60°C
Cold print bed: Yes, stick to Kapton Tape, 3M #2090 Blue Painter's tape, Heated glass, etc.
Post processing: Sanding and/or varnishing.