Materio3D Martian Green PLA 2.85mm 1kg

Product Description

Print easily and flawlessly with the Materio3D PLA, a Canadian-made high-quality 3D printing filament.

Materio3D PLA uses the NatureWorks 3D850 polymer, specially engineered for 3D printing.

Ease-of-use and a large selection of colors for great prints, every time!

Diameter : 2.85mm

Color : Martian Green 

Material: NatureWorks Ingeo 3D850 PLA

Product vendor: Materio3D

Diameter tolerance: ±0.05mm

Quantity: 1kg


Matériau: NatureWorks Ingeo 3D850 PLA

Vendeur: Materio3D

Tolérance du diamètre: ±0.05mm

Quantité: 1kg


Print temp: 200°C - 230°C

Nozzle: any size

Print speed: 30mm/s to ***

Retraction: check your printer documentation!

Hot print bed: 50°C - 70°C

Cold print bed: yes (use 3M #2090 and/or 3DLac)

Post processing: -

Température d'impression: 200°C - 230°C

Embout: toute taille

Vitesse d'impression: 30mm/s à ***

Rétraction: selon la documentation de l'imprimante

Lit chauffant: 50°C - 70°C

Lit non-chauffant: oui (utilisez 3M #2090 et/ou 3DLac)

Traitement post-impression: -