Ultimaker Magenta PLA 2.85mm 750g

Ultimaker Magenta PLA Filament
Product Description

The recommended filament to use with your Ultimaker 3D printer. The Ultimaker PLA (polylactic acid) is made of organic and renewable resources. Easy to use and produces a good surface finish for a variety of 3D printing projects, no matter your skill level.

Diameter : 2.85mm

Color : Magenta

Material : PLA

Product vendor : Ultimaker

Diameter tolerance : ±0.10mm

Quantity : 750g

Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)

Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)

Print temp: 195°C - 240°C
Nozzle: any size
Print speed: 30mm/s to 300mm/s
Retraction: Check your printer documentation!
Hot print bed: 60°C
Cold print bed: Yes (Use 3M #2090 blue painter's tape for better adhesion)
Post processing: -

Check out the Ultimaker guides for the best practices with your Ultimaker filament!