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5 Important Changes And Enhancements In Cura 3.5 Update

5 Important Changes And Enhancements In Cura 3.5 Update

1- Improved overhang wall processing

An improvement in the slicing will give us prints with better overhangs. Cura 3.5 will detect overhang walls and print them with different speeds to have smoother finish. The software will also not start printing perimeters on an overhanging wall. (Contributed by smartavionics)

Picture comparison of Cura 3.3.1 versus Cura 3.5 for overhang printing


Both pieces were printed using recommend settings for Ultimaker 3 extended, no other settings were tweaked apart from : 220 Celsius temperature, 0.2 mm layers, 20% infill, with skirt. 

Print time for Cura 3.3.1 was 2h51 and 34 gr. For Cura 3.5 it was 2h47 and 33 gr.

Model : Overhand-Test-Half designed by thingster, link:

2- Prime tower reliability

Cura 3.5 generates prime towers in a different way. Instead of printing layers of different material on top of each other, it will now print one tower inside the other. A little bit like Russian dolls. Each material is printed on top of the same material which resolves the bonding issues between certain materials. Prime towers will now be stronger and more reliable than before.

(Old prime tower slicing on the left and Cura 3.5 slicing on the right)

Animation of Prime tower in previous Cura versionsAnimation of Cura 3.5 prime tower generation

3- Better infills

Support infill line direction. You can now rotate the direction of the infill line patterns to create stronger supports and reduce artifacts on the final print. (Contributed by fieldOfView)
Extra infill wall line count. Add more walls around the infill to better support top and bottom layers and reduce sagging of those layers. You can have less top and bottom layers for the same quality. Although, this will use a little bit more material. (Contributed by BagelOrb)

Picture of Infill lines multiplication setting in Cura 3.5 at Voxel Factory 3D printer Store in Canada

Multiply infill. Have stronger infill by multiplying infill lines on the same pattern. (Contributed by BagelOrb)

Removed unnecessary travels by almost always connecting the infills lines that should’ve been connected from the start. (Bug fix)


4- Custom support plugin

Similar to the support blocker, you can now add custom support blocks on your models with a simple click.  Install the plugin by going to the Toolbox → Browse Packages → Custom support → Install and then restart Cura. (Contributed by Lokster)


GIF animation of custom support blocks in Cura 3.5 at Voxel Factory 3D printer Store in Canada


5- Cura settings guide

Short animation on Cura 3.5 Settings guide overview at Voxel Factory 3D printer store


Have you ever wondered about what a particular setting does? An index plugin will explain settings with text, images and videos for certain settings.

Install the plugin by going to the Toolbox → Browse Packages → Cura Settings Guide → Install and then restart Cura. You will be able to find the Guide under the Extensions tab → Cura Settings Guide → Settings Guide.


Picture of Cura Setting Guide Plugin locationPicture of where to find the Cura settings Guide in Cura 3.5


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  • Nathan Orfin