In the beginning...

It was the year 2012, patents from Stratasys and 3D Systems were on the brink of extinction, there was a huge hype around low cost 3D printing which was pushed forward by the RepRap project community. People figured out to make their own printers and shared the knowledge with the world. Thus, creating a need for affordable materials.

François enters the game with a stock of filament worth $2000 to become the first 3D printing online store in Canada. Few months later he opened his first brick and mortar location, it only had a handful of walk-in customers per week.

Slowly but surely enough, Voxel Factory grew to be a million-dollar business (and still growing) hiring multiple full-time and part-time employees and opening a second store located in Vancouver, BC.

Voxel Factory started by selling imported products, mainly from China and by helping people build their own Prusa Mendel i2 over the course of a weekend. That meant hours of preparation, François had to thread the rods beforehand, print all the pieces, have all the screws, nuts and bolts, some of which remains until today.


We offer professional 3D printers directed at businesses and manufacturing enterprises, who need quality products and services, to help speed up their workflow.

To help businesses get more out of their buck, we offer the best 3D printer brands like: Ultimaker, Formlabs and 3D Platform.

These printers are making quite the difference in businesses and institutions like Bombardier, Héroux Devtek, Bell Helicopter, Thales Group, Cirque du Soleil, McGill University, libraries, Makerspaces and heck, even the Canadian Army has a Workbench.

Our Services

We offer training on our 3D printers and their related software. We also hold up the manufacturer’s warranty, we keep stock of all spare parts and materials.

Moreover, we are certified service partner for the printers we sell and have discounted prices on repair services for printers bought at our store.

This service comes in handy, especially for professionals who don’t have the time to play around and try to fix a broken part of contact the manufacturer to make a part replacement.

We also keep a tie to our roots by carrying the newest Prusa i3 MK3 that is directed towards Makers who love building their own 3D printers.

Our Team

François: Owner and founder of Voxel Factory, working at maximum capacity since 2012.

Nadya: Friendliest member of our team, you would never guess that she’s our bookkeeper.

Adrien: Our friendly neighborhood manager, cares for the little guy.

William: 3D printing specialist, repair handyman and young handsome man.

Nathan: Gives his best shot at content creation, marketing and interacting with our clientele.

Marc: Marketing specialist consultant and art director from Synchronicity.

Roselyne: Our magician, A.K.A. our coder.

Coast to Coast


Our largest store and showroom with a large stock of products

You can find all our 3D printers, materials and tools on site.

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Our newest store and showroom, still in its humble beginnings

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