Ultimaker 3D Printers

Ultimaker has distinguished themselves by offering a complete professional package combining 3D printers, easy to use software and perfectly calibrated materials. This perfect mix gives you a simple yet effective solution to solve your 3D designs challenges.

Ultimaker 3D printers are designed with the professional user in mind. Slick and easy to use interface, calibrated settings with multiple materials while maintaining consistent print quality as well as high up-time are making the Ultimaker 3D printers one of the most trusted FFF brands on the market.

Ultimaker Filaments

A wide range of materials are offered by Ultimaker that are perfectly tuned to their printers. Filament ranges from high quality PLA, to industrial grade ABS, PolyCarbonate, CPE and PolyPropylene to support materials like PVA and Breakaway.

Cura Software

An easy to use software, Ultimaker Cura, simplifies the 3D printing process by offering simple defaults settings for each Ultimaker printer and material. It is also possible to have access to hundreds of customs settings if you so wish. Cura is free, open-source and can connect to your Ultimaker printers via Wi-Fi.

Add-Ons & Spare Parts

We carry the full armada of  spare parts so you don't need to worry with world wide shipping and handling. We also maintain the manufacturer warranty on parts as well as discounted repair services.

Add-ons are available for every Ultimaker 3D printer and have been tested by Voxel Factory to make sure that we carry only good quality products.


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