Ultimaker Natural PP 2.85mm 500g

Ultimaker Natural PP 2.85mm 500g
Product Description

The recommended PP filament to use with your Ultimaker 3D printer. Featuring high toughness and fatigue resistance, PP (polypropylene) is popular with engineers and manufacturers for a myriad of applications. PP is semi-flexible, resistant to industrial cleaning agents, a good electrical insulator, and low-density, resulting in printed parts that feature a high strength-to-weight ratio.

Diameter : 2.85mm

Color : Natural

Material : Polypropylene

Product vendor : Ultimaker

Diameter tolerance : ±0.05mm

Quantity : 500g

Specific gravity : 0.89

Technical Data Sheet (.pdf)

Safety Data Sheet (.pdf)

Print temp: 205°C - 240°C
Nozzle: any size
Print speed: 30mm/s to 300mm/s
Retraction: Check your printer documentation!
Hot print bed: 85°C - 100°C
Cold print bed: No
Post processing: -